ProDeForm – Professional Development Platform is the legal successor of Stepanavan Youth Center NGO. It is created on the achievement of SYC and shares the same core values. ProDeForm started as a project funded by International Visegrad Fund and in collaboration with Idea Lab Foundation, Vice Versa Association, and Sabai Training NGO. Within the same project ProDeForm Pool of Experts was established, and several tools developed, that are part of organizations’ portfolio now.

From 2019 ProDeForm successfully collaborated with a number of local and international organizations, ministries, intergovernmental agencies, and private sector institutions. Currently, the organization includes local and international experts from Armenia and Europe in the number of its projects and initiatives.

All of these are built on top of SYC’ years of experience, expertise, partnerships, and network of supporters, but with newer and wider strategy, and energy to bring change.

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