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ProDeForm - “ProDeForm – Professional Development Platform” project was funded by International Visegrad Fund in 2020. The project is implemented by Stepanavan Youth Center NGO in partnership with IDEA LAB Foundation (Poland), Sabai Training NGO (Hungary), and Vice Versa NGO (Czech Republic).



ProMoVent - European Commission Erasmus Plus program funded ProMovEnt (PME) project which aims to empower youth economic participation through social entrepreneurship. The project is a result of partnership between Stepanavan Youth Center NGO (Armenia), Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy), Alliance for Society Advancement (Georgia), Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia (Spain), Asociatia Se Poate (Romania), and Institute of Leadership and Management of Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine).



SYC and now ProDeForm implements ESC/EVS projects since 2006. There are over 60 young people participated in ESC/EVS projects in Armenia or in Europe with the support of the organization. We are proud of established partnerships that result in the number of young people serving as ESC/EVS volunteers in Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania and many other countries. We welcome new ideas and partnerships for future EVS projects.

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